Making a Plan for Your Confined Space

Having any confined space on your property means there is the potential for accidents or other risky situations. Even if you are familiar with the risks and hazards that come with having a confined space in Ottawa, it is still imperative that you have a rescue plan in place should any emergency arise.

Getting help

Thankfully, your business does not have to figure everything out alone. Hiring a company specializing in confined space safety is the best way to ensure that work in the space is carried out safely and securely. Finding a company that you can trust is important. The best kind of help is comprehensive and should include a thorough assessment of risks and hazards as well as creating a helpful rescue plan. Of course, everybody on the premises will need to be on board with all of the new safety additions, so any necessary training will be helpful.

Assessing the risks

When you hire outside help to enssure your confined space is being used safely, one of the first steps will be assessing the risks. The professional helping with the risk assessment will check on the entrance and exit to the confined space, as well as the atmosphere and ventilation. It will be very important for the professional to understand exactly how the space is used within the business and how many people may come into contact with the confined space. This can help them make a comprehensive assessment and fully understand who will need to be trained on the protection of the space.

The risks involved in a confined space will vary depending on the size and location of the space, as well as how and how often it is used. Be sure to share all the information you can with the professional completing the risk assessment so that the space is used in the safest possible way every time.

Making the plan

Once the risk assessment has been completed, a specific rescue plan can be created. This plan is what your business will do should there be an accident or emergency in the confined space. It is absolutely imperative that everyone on the premises is fully trained on what the rescue plan is and their role to help ensure the safety of everyone around them. Depending on the confined space and the staff available at any given time, you may need to call on a confined space specialist company during an emergency. It will be very helpful for everyone to fully understand how and when this part of the rescue plan needs to happen.

Having a confined space on your property or in your business comes with potential risks. Call on a specialist to assess the risks and hazards and help you create a rescue plan to ensure the safety of the confined space.