Putting It to the Test

When you have a confined space in Toronto, there are some very important steps to take to be a responsible business owner. Having a safety plan in place for any potential emergency situations is the first step in keeping everyone safe. Creating an emergency preparation plan can be done with the help of confined space specialists, who can ensure every safety aspect has been considered and all potential emergency situations are covered.

Making a plan and acting it out

Creating an emergency plan involves really understanding the confined space. This means understanding the entrances and exits and how they will be used during any emergency or accident. Business or property owners with a confined space in Toronto must ensure the safety of everybody working in the vicinity or anybody who may walk by the confined space. Creating an emergency preparation plan doesn’t have to be done on your own; you can get help from a specialist.

Part of the plan will include correct signage around and within the confined space. There will be plenty of emergency drills acting out the plan for any accident or emergency, but even with regular drills, signage can still be beneficial in reminding people of potential hazards and how to stay safe. The drills that you carry out should happen on a regular basis and with all members of staff. They should cover various accident or emergency situations, even ones that may seem uncommon, so that everybody can be prepared for everything.

Training for everyone

There is likely a group of key workers who use your confined space on a regular basis. This could be for maintenance, cleaning or other various daily or weekly duties. This group of workers will understand the confined space inside and out and will be well-versed in what to do during an emergency scenario. However, it is important that all staff in the building or on the premises know what to do should danger arise. You never know if a situation may occur where someone is walking by and needs to spring into action and call for help. Giving everyone the tools and information they need to assist in such a scenario can be very beneficial.

You can find confined space specialists who can not only help with making your emergency plan, but also assist in training staff on what to do and how to work safely in and around the confined space. Training is important, and practice makes perfect. Practicing the emergency plan can help find where the strengths and weaknesses are, and it gives everybody a clear idea of how to help in a crisis situation.

Even if you already have a plan and carry out regular drills, it can’t hurt to take another look at your confined space and make sure everything is as safe as it can be.