The Dos and Don’ts of Working in Confined Spaces

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A confined space can pose a significant hazard to those working in and around it. Therefore, if you have such a space on your premises, you must make sure that all precautions are taken, and all necessary training is provided to ensure everyone stays safe.

Before anyone enters a confined space at your facility, make sure they are familiar with the dos and don’ts of being in such an area.

Do be aware of all dangers

Ensure all workers and everyone near your space knows the specific risks that come with each job. A confined space in Toronto has many potential hazards, including a lack of oxygen, flammable air, toxic fumes, asphyxiation, drowning and flooding.

Do ensure everyone is capable

A confined space is not an area for novices or newbies. Everyone who is performing a job in such a space must be fully capable of doing so and must possess the proper training. They should also be healthy and able to use all the emergency equipment that could come into play in the space. The presence of a sick person in the space could create an emergency and complicate any rescue attempt.

Do have a plan in place

You must have a plan in place to control every risk associated with the specific space. For example, if you have a space with reduced oxygen levels, your employees must have a functioning breathing apparatus to use before entering, or the space needs to be ventilated.

Don’t ignore any hazards

Accidents can and do happen. A confined space that is safe to enter one day could become unsafe the next day if conditions shift inside it. Always be aware of any risks that may be involved.

Don’t enter the confined space in Toronto until it is safe

Never have anyone rush into a space to complete a job before safety has been ensured. A confined space has to be confirmed as safe before anyone enters the area.

Don’t ignore emergency arrangements

When someone is working in a confined space in Toronto, a plan should be in place to keep their condition visible at all times. It means that action can be taken immediately if there is an emergency. You also need to have a plan in place in case something goes wrong, and they need to be rescued.

Safety must be the priority at your facility when it comes to confined spaces. In this case, you might find yourself dealing with a seriously injured or even dead employee and facing legal and financial repercussions on top of the death or serious injury suffered by the employee. A job site in a confined space can come with risks or dangers that all of your employees need to be aware of, so you can ensure their safety. Reach out to a confined space service provider, so you can ensure your staff is equipped with the knowledge, training, and gear they need to do the work safely. A service provider can also help you devise a rescue plan if you do not have one in place and can even provide rescue services for you.