The Importance of Training

When you start any job, there is an important period of training. This could be theory based learning, hands on training or shadowing someone to really learn the ropes. Depending on the job site, there may be various levels of training needed for certain roles. If there happens to be a confined space on the premises, then no matter what the role is, everyone should be trained on the safety of this type of space.

Understanding the confined space

For some new employees, seeing a small, confined area within the job site could be a brand new experience for them. Other new employees may be well-versed in what to do should there be an emergency in such a small space. Whether it is new to them or not, it is important that every single employee is trained on your specific confined spaces.

A good place to start is to ensure everyone understands confined spaces and what they entail. Confined areas come in various shapes and sizes with varying degrees of potential hazards. Some spaces may have easy entryways, and everyone has a clear understanding of how they work. More complex confined areas may have poor air circulation inside and minimal space or exits. Seeing the space firsthand will give employees a better understanding of what the space entails and what their role is in ensuring safety in regard to that space.

Training sessions

Call in the professionals to get everyone properly trained for any confined spaces at the workplace. Using a company with experience in confined areas means you are providing comprehensive knowledge to your staff. A company offering specific training sessions for various personnel allows a catered and thorough training that will be standard throughout.

Of course, it is not just new employees who need to be trained on the hazards of confined spaces. It is always beneficial to have refresher training for all staff so they stay updated on the emergency protocols in their working environment. Just like first aid training which needs to be renewed from time to time, it is a best practice to also get refresher training on a regular basis.

Being prepared

The emergency protocol that your staff will be trained on involves the emergency plan for any confined spaces on the premises. Whether a staff member is involved in any rescue missions or not is irrelevant. It is imperative that everyone on the property know and understand the emergency plan for any accidents that can occur in narrow spaces.

It can be beneficial for the staff and the company to have a periodic review of the emergency plan in relation to any confined areas on the premises. There may be changes to the environment of the space or to the staffing levels in the workplace. Whatever pops up, it’s important to have up-to-date plans in place should there be any emergencies. Regular reviews will also help you spot areas in which your plan may be lacking.

Being prepared and having fully trained staff are the two main ways to prepare for any potential accidents or emergencies in the confined spaces of your workplace.